To get hammered, trashed, wasted, sh*tfaced, bombed, and/or smashed beyond belief.
"Ronald got Murk'd at Parable and Movie_boy's jam on March 20th, too many $3 tequila shots"
by Ronaldo James February 19, 2008
Top Definition
v. to kill or murder someone in the heat of anger.
ex. my boy was walking down the street and got murk'd over some beat ass shit.
Is when your gaming and sniping Brett and he starts trying to change the rules so he can come close to winning
Brett: man lets make our own map and set secret weapons!
Mike, Alex, Adam, Pitt: your fucking gay brett you should go throw your Xbox out a 4 floor window
*Brett leaves*
Mike: We Fucking Murk'd Brett
by Mike Mcgoey May 28, 2008
A word coined in online gaming by Traitornator and Azrakel225. It is a general term, used to describe somebody who just got utterly pwned. Usually the pwn involves a surprise attack while the victim is busy, thus catching him/her unaware of the attacker. As such, a person can only be murk'd if he is killed by the first, second, or (sometimes) third bullet. After the 3rd shot the person is considered aware, and thus cannot be murk'd.
Ya' got murk'd son, murk'd.
by Azrakel November 10, 2007
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