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Coined by the HAWP adventure game, available on newgrounds.
Ash: Stop being a little bitch, it's just a bullet wound.
Anthony: Fuck you! Have you ever been shot?
Ash: Yes. In the head. In the Persona 3 episode.
Anthony: Oh, right.
Ash: But I did it to myself. Is there a word for that?
Anthony: It's called suicide.
Ash: Masturbmurder?
Ash: Murderbation! I murderbated.
by zdnlvizndovnr May 29, 2011
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To climax while killing someone, or to kill somebody in order to climax.
God damn, all this killing is making me so hot; any more of this and it'll be murderbation!
by Cheeseducksg December 01, 2009

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