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Ones murda skillz are substantially increased with each person killed.The higher someones murda skillz are, the more gang fights and domestic disputes have been won by them. A black kill is usually worth one murda skill point, a white man is 5 points. A cop, regardless of color is worth 25 points, however if a nigga should be badass enough to rape a female cop, then he is immediately awarded 100 points, and a free coupon at KFC.
Nigga 1: "'Sup thug, you on the wrong side o-this street biotch."
Nigga 2: "Ain't no fing, bitch. I got mad murda skillz an' cappin' yo ass finna put me over the 500 point mark"
Nigga 1: "Sheeit, sorry nigga I only gots 80 points..."
Nigga 2: **BANG!**
by MopDawg December 29, 2003

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