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DJ Noah Lee from Southern Texas used the name Muppetfucker.

He was part of TXHardcorps in the late 90's and then changed his name to Noaphex and turned into a pussy.
Muppetfucker gave me a tape one time, it was hardcoe, Noaphex gave me a tape once, he was then a pussy.
by GabbaDj January 03, 2008
Muppetfucker: noun
Imbreeding generally leads to one having the appearance of a muppet.
You muppetfucker, that's your sister!
by dreams March 21, 2007
Inbred Redneck, brother and sister produce a child who has the facial features of a muppet. Large nose, small ears, beady eyes.
Did you see that banjo playin muppet fucker on that porch?
by the snickasnatch April 03, 2012
1 - A person who has sex with or masturbates to muppets
2 - See Arsehole, cuntbag, dickhead, dickshit, motherfucker, cunt, homo, idiot, jerk, pig, fucktard, arseclown etc..
John Key is a muppet Fucker
by Pol Pothead February 25, 2012
A person who has a fetish involving sexual acts with muppets.
Orehna is a Muppet Fucker
by Xenu4d2 May 03, 2008