We have had enough of munters, if you feel the same, join us at NoMoreMunters@groups.msn.com
Fucking munters, we hate them
by duffy December 27, 2003
A gambler who loses all his money on a regular basis. Mug Punter = Munter.
look at that guy, he's lost all his dough again, what a munter.
by Anonymous May 13, 2003
mildly-unnatractive woman - MUnter

basically an ugly bint
by eadipus March 23, 2003
Minging Cunt0r.
I wish that munter would clean her rancid fanny once in a while.
by andyroo February 17, 2004
drugged up mutant usually seen dribbling in the corner at all night dance venues
Look at that fucking munter. He needs to learn how to handle his shit.
by Anonymous May 26, 2003
A term used to describe an ugly female middle aged member of the AA.
Often caught sniffing round the backs of clubs, dressed in little more than a little fluffy lilac number, the size of a handkerchief.
what a munter!!!
by Lauz October 03, 2003
Defined as an idiot/stupid person. Also consistets of having illiterate computer skills
Ex0dus/Monkey/Paradip - a fag
Also a person by the name: malc/Grant/K.Ing/bano/:bano69/ ...this one is known as an "Uber Munter"
by God November 01, 2003

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