To be lustful for men, to the point of being hungry for a man.
I haven't had homosexual sex in a while. I'm very mungry. If stay mungry too much longer, I might get mangry.
by Max44121 April 06, 2006
Top Definition
A gay term that means and evolved from the saying, "my ass is hungry". It means you are horny for some cock.
Mungry mungry hippo = horny fat man
Ending world munger = a whore
A munger strike = a prude
by Captain Crunch23 January 14, 2012
A phrase spoken when a person is hungry; so much so that they have to say "I'm hungry" in one word. Often spoken when a person is either manstrating or menstruating.
Guy1: "Why are you so pissed off?"

Guy 2: "Mungry!"
by Parkoissick November 19, 2009
The word MUNGRY is a mix of money and hungry. It's a word originally created by the two beautiful women, Shannon and Cammie. ( Type in 'nowthisisliving' into youtube, best thing you'll ever do)
Topic- would you risk your life for 5 million dollars?
'You (would) have to be one mungry (money-hungry) MOTHERFUCKER!'
by shabbnabb January 17, 2015
Experiencing an avid hunger or craving for munging.
"Let's go dig up another chick, I'm still so mungry."
by Golan Sipple April 30, 2006
Being so hungry that one has become officially irritated; literally meaning, "mad-hungry."

Mungriness usually surfaces from impatience during unfortunate near-meal situations such as slow service in a restaurant, having to wait on someone before eating (for any reason), and generally being so hungry that all of the world seems like a terrible place (usually followed by an intense, temporary obsession with a particular kind of food--most commonly, wings).
Scott: Dude, wings would be so good right now.

Dale: Yeah, man, we better eat something soon. I'm starting to get mungry.
by Wing.King November 08, 2011
Hungry for a man.
She longingly whispered "im mungry.."
by McCafe3 August 08, 2012
When a Man gets truly Hungry. He gets Mungry.

And it doesn't take a wimpy little sandwich to over come to Munger, it takes something truly Manly.
Alex: I am so hungry, I could eat a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Matt: Man, you must be pretty Mungry.
by mungerbuster June 23, 2011
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