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This is a mung assualt that should only be attempted by professionals. This takes a great deal of preparation and safety measures. Helmet is recommended while attempting this highflying munging attack. This is where a munger either jumps from a high structure, preferably a bridge, and strategically places the victim on a surface where this fantastic feat can be accomplished. One will then strap on the mungie cords and propell him or herself over the edge towards the tasty victim's rotten, but scrumptious vagina. Your partner will hold the victim prior to the moment of impact. Once the impact is inevitable, your partner will place his/her mouth over the waiting vagina. POW!!! Taste your sweet success and have fun while doing it.
1. Sorry mom, I can't go to my little brother's baseball game, I had a prior engagement to go mungie jumping with Tommy.

2. I went to Johnny's funeral. He died from a horrific mungiejumping accident. (he was not wearing a helmet)
by John and Kyle May 16, 2006
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