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Land of nowhere located 55 miles NE of Indianapolis.

The hometown of Ball State University.

Population 70,000
muncie is about the dullest place on Earth.
by darrenkrkc March 21, 2007
A strange place indeed. Located in east central Indiana this average sized city of seventy or so thousand people one will encounter many things. Namely, crime. Muncie has been labeled as Crime city USA , although the quantifiable information is somewhat disputed, regardless, it is not uncommon to encounter a group of vicious looking white children, large amounts of marijuana, guns, and prescription pain medication. However, if vicious is what you're looking for look no further than the Whitely area. Here it is either kill or be killed. Aside from the violence, Muncie can be a decent place of living. It has its share of all demographics, especially with the location of Ball State University nearby. All things considered it is analogous to a high school prom queen; pretty on the outside, with admirable traits, but a bitch deep down.
John: "Yo, I heard Muncie has them percocets for the low!"
Bill: "I don't know bro, there are some sketch people fuckin' with Muncie."

Curt: "I fucking hate my job."
Larry: "At least you have one bro, I got laid off."
Curt: "You live in Muncie or somethin'?"
by De'Qwan January 15, 2013
Pouring a shot of tequilla into a glass of wine then chugging it
OMG he just muncied the wine!
by Indy girl 500 June 13, 2010
One of the greatest yet underestimated cities in the country. It's home to not only Ball State University, but also the world famous Ball Bros. glass factory. It's Ball Memorial hospital has one of the greatest Oncology departments in the country, and is a breeding ground for great thinkers in the fields of music, engineering, construction, and business. It maybe a small city, but GODDAMN it's a GREAT city!!!!
Where do I want to go to college?

Check out Muncie, bro. Shedtown is the shit!
by Kannibal K March 19, 2009

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