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The single most best place in Pennsylvania.

It includes many stores and places that have many interesting things to see. These things include The Ritz Theatre, where many national bands such as Stick To Your Guns, Impending Doom and Emmure have played. It also has a Turkey Hill that has only one single gas pump and a hippy that gives you free food. Across the street from the Turkey Hill is a pizza place that a pretty cool guy named Frank occupies. Then on the other corner of that intersection, there is a Kung Fu/Chinese Buffet/Nail Salon all-in-one. On a side street, there is a "Warrior Training Center". The police station is no bigger than a shack, and Amish folk freely walk around here.
Cris: Hey guys want to go see Impending Doom Thursday at the Ritz in Muncy?
Joey C: Yeah, and we can get free food from the hippy who works at Turkey Hill!
Mike: I just want to go see the Amish guys who are walking down Main Street.
by MikeDXDX May 15, 2008

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