Someone who eats ass, or is a total idiot, jerk off, or just simply pisses you off. Also see "Douche Canoe" or "Tool" Munch Nuggets are a zit on society's ass!
That dude is a total munch nugget!!
#munch #nugget #tool #douchebag #douche canoe #idiot #dumbass
by bornabadfish May 11, 2011
Top Definition
Breastfeeding baby that eats constantly. may keep you up all night demanding to eat. Also wants to eat every thing in sight.
Okay you little munch nugget, I am awake now.

The little munch nugget kept me up all night eating.

Look at that munch nugget go!
#progeny #baby #breasteeding #sleep deprivation #hungry #birth control
by foodsource July 11, 2009
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