a moron or otherwise silly person. One who spends their time pissing about and not actually doing any work. Affectionate. can also be called, mumzy, mumpy or mumzybob
"Holy Crap, your such a mumtaz today!"

"what you feel like doing today?"
"just lying about like a mumtaz"
by Youmoof January 15, 2008
Top Definition
In Arabic Culture it means to be #1, or the best
this race was mumtaz, one of the best I've seen
by Imtiaz May 08, 2007
A rare species usually found to be residing in the Ghetto Areas of Birmingham. A strange concept is the fact that he belongs to the male gender however the connation’s revolving around the name are female making him all the more exciting.
Can be found in dark corners cutting himself and telling the rest of us mere mortals about the illumaniti take-over when we shall all becomes slaves being done up the arse.
A tad emo.
Comes up with the coolest acronyms like SMD Pl0X
Weird. But cool.
Person 1: Noooo one understand me only i know the truth.
Person 2: Mumtaz is that you?

A mumtaz like phrase.

by Johhny tit March 10, 2009
A girl who is kind and funny but is used and stepped on more than anyone
I'm happy and Mumtaz
by Bo$$ June 05, 2016
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