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1. The continual practice of writing/producing/performing music belonging to different musical genres.
2. The idea or philosophy that it is good not to stick to producing one style or multiple similar styles of music and that exploring seperate genres is not a sign of one's inability to specialise or be good at making songs that sound a certain way.
3. The collective of all people who practice multigenrism.

A person who engages in multigenrism is a multigenrist.
1. "I like multigenrism. It's true musical diversity."
2. Lots of artists are less respected for hopping from one genre to another or just producing whatever they feel like producing. Some even call them sellouts. That is unfortunate.
3. "In all of multigenrism, no other artist produces songs catchier than this guy's."
by MacSaxon May 07, 2008

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