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Simply a drama queen in the form of a redneck douche bag whom still thinks 'rocking the mullet' is a good life choice to make. May times you can find mullet-queens at local gas stations talking about how "Obama's one of them A-RABS! He was implantered by them their govern-ment to spy on our New-clear-er weapons." or it may just be in the form of your stepdad who thinks that having 3rd period lunch has anything to do with him and wants to "Call them there SCHOOL PRINCE-ABLES because ain't nobody ever need no lunch that there early."
GIRL: "Me and my mom had to lie to Rod about me getting 3rd period lunch because if he knew, He would have flipped"
GIRL2: "God, what a mullet-queen. He is obviously his mullet's aunt flow is in town"
GIRL: "No, he already had his mullet in a bunch from earlier when Obama come on to talk about the health care reform..."
by DanceISay_DANCE! August 25, 2010
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