Haircut traditionally associated with American whitetrash, wrestlers, middle of the road american cockrock bands, and in general the eras of the late 70's through to the 80's.

However the mullet is currently making a resurgence in metrosexual males from the Welsh valleys.
Often associated with scarily clone-like steroid using, fake tan covered, pink t-shirt wearing posers who love themselves and spend far more time in the gym and hairdressers than any straight male ever should.
Affectionately known locally as "Spice Boys" - known more generally as "twats"
Apparently they are unaware that the mullet has not been considered cool (outside of Arkansas that is) for over 20 years
"check out the mullets on those spice boys over there - its like they're in fucking uniform man!"

"spice boys? - is that what you call them round here? - back home we just call them Twats and be done with it"
by malfunctioning eddy August 10, 2007
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One who is found to have sincere business in the front, yet an unmistakable party in the back...the hairstyle often worn by aging rockers who refuse to admit that Warrant is not the best band ever...
Theres a fuckin' huuuge party in the back on that motherfucker, but he's all business up front!
by Fuck Face June 21, 2003
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A popular 1980's hairstyle that working class people continued to wear into the 1990's and 2000's, the mullet makes the American middle class feel better about themselves by giving them something to look down on; though the average U.S. citizen has a negative net worth and lives in a fascist police state controlled by transnational corporations, he can take comfort in the fact that he at least has a trendy haircut like the people on the current TV shows, and not like the people on the old ones.
Who cares about the guy who lost his job when the company built a new plant in a country where there are no child labor laws? He wears a mullet!
by Emmanuel Goldsteine August 10, 2007
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Business in the front, party in the back. Mullets started in the late 60s early 70s. By the eighties, everyone had them, absolutely everyone (who was white, blacks had jerry curls or high top fades.) Then it all came to an end when Kurt Cobain called Brett Michaels girly-looking. Billy Ray Cyrus had one, but that was like the drunk uncle at a 10 year old's birthday party. Now it's only worn by hockey and soccer players.
The term mullet was invented and 1st used in pop culture by the Beastie Boys. Who knew?
by TheRedMan48 July 31, 2011
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1.) Hair protruding from the back of the neck in rediculous fashion.

Mullets are also commonly associated with the Camero (92 or older model), Bud, Miller, Coors, dual tv sets (stolen rentway TV placed on top of the broken larger, older set), TV Dinner marathons ranging from 4 weeks and beyond, tube tops, occasionally spandex, Ford pinto, poor mexicans, poor white people.

Anyone who associates truth with black men having mullets is also likely to associate truth with pigs taking flight.
Just use the beer can as the jackstand, I need to go wash my mullet.
by fsn812 December 18, 2003
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Any haircut that is short in the front, long in the back, and identified with certain regional and socio-economic norms. Usually worn by males, though not exclusively. In the USA, it is usually associated with lower education and/or income males, and often considered a sign of white trash, trailer trash or redneck status. However, in Canada, the mullet is simply known as the hockey haircut, and is a practical choice for those who play Canada's national sport because it allows the player to wear a helmet and keep his long hair.
"Whoa, check out that sweet mullet on buddy!"
"No kiddin', eh!"
by Jim Turner October 20, 2006
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The most tragic haircut of all times.
Short and Spiked at the front, long and stringy at the back.

Became fashionable in the 1970's in former Soviet-Bloc Eastern Europe where every single Soccerplayer seemed to possess one.

Migrated to Western Europe and America in the 1980's where Hair Metal bands/fans and Wrestlers had them in abundance.

Exist even today in the enlightened 21st Century. More popular among the trailer trash set.
Billy Ray Cyrus had an astonishing wicked mullet in the Achy Breaky Heart video. Tied up of course, but a mullet nonetheless.

Eddie Guerrero had a shocking mullet up until 2 years ago.

There is a picture on mulletsgalore.com of a black Jazz musician from the 1920's with an Afro-Mullet. Quite possibly the scariest sight you will see!
by Johnny July 09, 2004
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