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the mulcano is a native specemine found to habitate in the rosevill district.
he is rumoured to have ventured outside of this habitat in search of food, water and a mating partner.
though only two thirds of his endevours have been renound to become sucsessful.
he is beieved to be a mamal and expellls large amounts of heat from the volcano like summit
this keeps the mulcano warm during hibernation in winter\
it also acts as a light and a beacon if you willl, when needed for dark places
but do not aproach the mulcano as he may spontaneously erupt and throw a tennis raquet at you
you have been warned
guy 1: i cant see shit
guy 2: me neither
*mulcano removes hat
guy 2: im blinded!!
by coolcat 543 September 14, 2010
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