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to have someone take the piss out of you- and treat you like a mug. a suitable way to treat a chavor anyone from basildon
Why dont you call me anymore- you've mugged me right off.
by bookies favourite October 07, 2004
This is a term derived from the commonly known insult 'mug'; meaning someone who has been treated like an idiot, or been severely nieve.
If you have been 'mugged off' someone has clearly made you into a 'mug', hence you have been insulted deeply. A 'mugging off' often deserves a swift backhand across the perpetrator's derriere.
'If you don't stop dissin me crew you're gonna have the ultimate muggin off in front of your pals'


'You muggin me off? Nah bruv nah, i'll have to get me pals to blaze you now innit'
by OLI'S HOE February 23, 2006
to have to piss taken from, to be disrespected, unfairly treated etc.
"Leonardo Dicaprio was mugged off at the Oscars again"
by tunaroll May 15, 2015
When someone disrespects you, and causes offence by insulting you, how you act, or your style. sometimes when your posesions are mugged off. Can result in you cutting them first if mugged off infront of ones pals. (being mugged off infront of your pals is 10 times as bad, as it makes you look like a mug)

for reference watch football factory.
"yo bruv, your wheels aint fly"
"hey jason, you failed at life"
or when your at a party and you get mugged off and then mark wont answer if hes mugging you off
by wizzard master February 23, 2006
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