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To be mugged off, getting mugged off by someone is similar to being purposefully offended to the point where it causes the mug off'ee to feel uncomfortable or shocked.
'Are you mugging me off', 'is that a mug off', 'ive been mugged off', 'dont mug me off'
by Stuart Roberts June 26, 2007
When someone sells you drugs that have been severely cut for the same extortionate prices, or steals your drugs away from you
"I bought this gram of ket for £15, I sniffed half of it this morning and I'm still sober'

"I'm gonna mug off my brother over this cocaine"
by Nakawoopahkapooski December 29, 2009
An offensive term to ask someone to go away. It is more specifically aimed at twats
Oi, you pikey. Mug Off!
by Graham November 21, 2006
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