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muga is another word for MONEY,paper,cheese,cheddar,gwap,dollars,cream,
bread,bank,stacks,racks,dough,all of the above
a jo im out here bad i need some muga them new mikes just came out and my pockets on the flo'...im broke blood
by Ferris B. January 04, 2009
Something a special needs or retarded person yells while riding their bike
Darrell was riding his bike and yelled "apple,apple 1+1 MUGA!!! MUGA!!! MUGA!!!"
by junkman127 September 16, 2008
The secret confession of a gay man to his counterpart, in order to keep this a secret they use a random word in this case muga
Paul Muga how you going
by joe April 08, 2004