...too look at someone w/ a hard glare
did ya see that fool at the park....he tried ta "mug" me, but i wasnt gonna flinch for that bitch
by you1000 March 12, 2008
adj-showing characteristics that suck, bite, etc.
noun-someone who is a hillybilly, annoying, etc.
You mug, you stole my money!
by Dan B. October 26, 2002
Noun. Originally Miami's Ugly Girl(s). But, now that the term is used more generally, its new definition is: Mad Ugly Girl(s). MUGs are usually to be avoided, though they have certain uses. Examples of their functions include; cup holders, gag inducers, and, at times, sources of comedic entertainment.

Other forms of MUG include; MUGgy (environment filled with MUGs), MUGgy (adjective or adverb form of MUG), MUGish (partially MUG like), and MUGish (adjective or adverb form of MUG)
Example 1

Guy 1: Dude,check out that fat chick

Guy 2: Wow, what a MUG

Example 2

Guy 1: Since when did ___ get so MUGgy?
Guy 2: I don't know bro, I haven't seen a single decent looking girl in here all night.
by Alexanderthe November 01, 2011
shorthand for muggle, a person who lacks any sort of magical ability and was not born into the magical world
Hah! That kid's a mug!
by Aechll February 19, 2014
1.The thing a dick goes into; woman's vagina hole
2. a cup to hold coffee or other drink
1. Imma shove my coffee in her mug (this man wants to have sexual intercourse)
2. Put the milk into a mug and then add the hot chocolate mix.
by ilikeboysandgirls November 06, 2010
someone who enjoys never wearing a shirt...but if they do its a v-neck.
Kevin: "whats up dude?"
Nathaniel: "not much mug...just drinkin some protein"
Kevin: "wanna go to shoots later"
Nathinel: "sure i have to wear a shirt?"
Kevin: "yea man"
Nathinel: "is a green v-neck ok ?"
Kevin: "no."
by playa724 March 02, 2011
When something is boring, lame, or upsetting
(people wanting to go to the beach)

Person 1: geez i really want to go to the beach today
Person 2: yeah me too but its raining

Person 1: REALLY!!!! man thats MUG
by mrs.awesome September 11, 2010
Bermudian slang for terrible or bad looking.
"ewww those shoes are mug I would never wear them".
by BermyBoy February 21, 2005
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