large 70's style afro around someone's puss/cock.
dude, that bitches muffro was so big, I stabbed her fucking hair pick with my dick
by chadsicle January 22, 2005
Top Definition
fuzzy hairy pubic area or curly fuzzy hair
she oppend her leggs and i saw the muffro.

did u see marks hair today, he looked like simon amstell with a muffro
by james lorry January 28, 2009
Too much Pubic Hair on a Woman
I thought that much curly hair only existed on someones head, it's like the muff from hell, its an afro muff
by Hoki June 17, 2004
A very large afro in the genital region on females
Dude, she had a wicked muffro
by 0mega December 06, 2010
When a woman has not shaved the hair around her genitals for a period of time, it is described as this.
Em: I haven't shaved my muffro for a while.
by Mark A S May 04, 2007
A mullet Affro
That guy has a muffro.
by Christopher Scott September 15, 2003
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