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An unfortunate combination of slang terms for vagina and testicles. Trademarked in Canada by a cafe owner to denote a jelly filled muffin.
Meet me at the cafe for coffee and muffnuts?
No way, that sounds disgusting!
by RedWaiter June 10, 2007
A cornucopia of muffin related items in combination with a doughnut. I.E. a Blueberry Muffnut!
One who enjoys the experience of muff diving, to the extreme as to where they could be considered a "nut"
One who enjoys the experience of frolicking in womans vagina head first!

KGRG Home of the Muffnut!

Check out Buns in Auburn, WA!

Do you know the muffnut man?
by KGRG April 25, 2007
A mystical baked good, combining A Muffin and a Doughnut. By piping raspberry jam into the centre of a muffin.
"I have eaten so many Muffnuts i think i'm going to puke. Mark my words one day i will find a way to fuck this delicious animal of tasty & give birth to its delicious jam filled offspring."
by Sustanaelle December 14, 2013
n. A delicious delicacy comprised of a cross between a muffin and a doughnut, where the doughnut is shaped like a muffin.
"Dude, keep your filthy hands off my muffnuts"
by Leo The Baker August 17, 2013