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The orgasm of the mouth when coming in contact with Entenmann's Mini Muffins.
Andre: Dude, these Mini Muffins are so good...
Mark: Oh my god dude, I'm having a muffingasm right now...OHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSS! YES! MUFFINGASM!!!
by Andre & Mark September 29, 2005
when one experiences an orgasm over one with a muffin top.
While at a party, Kevin experienced a muffingasm over Tina's muffin top.
by Muffintop January 23, 2008
When one takes a bite out of a muffin that is just so good its orgasmic. They then proceed to straddle someone and start humping them while chewing. Once the muffin is swallowed, the one having the muffingasm jumps up and yells "MUFFINGASM!"
I only had one muffingasm...
by xxfallyxwallyxx February 14, 2011
When the mention of a muffin is so strong, it becomes orgasm-inducing.
Terri had a muffingasm after Jack got a muffin from downstairs.
by TuskyMC March 15, 2015
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