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the act-

using a full bag of large muffins, one strikes a blow to the head/face of another. the muffin-bagger is usually entitled to this attack because of a stupid comment or action that the muffin-baggee said or did.

the aftermath-

if the muffin-baggee doesn't immediately concede to the muffin-bagger and admit to being an idiot, the muffin-baggee must consume all 9-12 muffins within a designated time, a right granted to the bagger.

these are the rules of muffin-bagging and they are unflinchingly rigid.
baggee- "dude, france totally still has a shot in the 2010 world cup."
bagger- "guy, they really don't, and now you deserve what's about to happen."
*muffin-bag to the dome*
by muffinbagger23 June 18, 2010
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