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The act of pooping into a vagina. See how the words "Loaf in muff" (ie turd in vagina) rearrange to form "Muffin Loaf" (an obscure baked good)?
Dogg she said I could do anything so I busted out the muffin loaf
by who loves orange soda August 21, 2009
Its when a girl has saggy vagina lips and teabags a guy with said lips
"Watch out for that girl man, she will muffin loaf you."
by Pogo December 04, 2005
verb: 1. the action of pooping in a vagina.
"Shit, that bitch Tanya wouldn't let me tap that ass, so when she fucking fell asleep, I gave her a good ol' fashioned muffin loaf. Shit yeah!
by Aaron Nestor December 10, 2004
ultra sensative man that takes it in the ass
frankie is a fuckin muffin loaf!
by the jewelhammer November 24, 2006