A goatee. A particularly long one that can be used to carass the vagina.

flavor saver clit tickler
by boowebb May 01, 2003
Top Definition
A small antique brush used to keep a lady's hand warmer (qv muff) presentable.
"Every well dressed woman at the end of the nineteenth century would have had a muff, to keep her hands warm in during the winter, and she'd have used her muff brush to give her little muff a little dusting over." Tim Wonnacott, BBC Bargain Hunt, Series 26 Episode 8 Derby, 19 May 2010.
by Mustn't Grumble May 05, 2011
History: In numerous all-girl boarding schools, mechanical brushes have been banned on campus since these young girls would use them to masturbate.

(n): a toothbrush that a woman uses to pleasure herself, usually of the automated type.
"Corey, no dude! Don't use that one! That's her muff brush!"

In August, Matilda loves to spend the long, hot afternoons inside enjoying the pleasures of her mechanical muff brush.
by Muff master November 21, 2008
the act of sticking a tooth brush inside a womens vagina and then proceeding to cum on it and brush your teeth with it
i still have pubes caught in between my teeth from when i had a muff brush
by Small_Goat May 14, 2009
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