a women who is a lesser and enjoys spending time in other ladies "muff's" (hense the name)is nicknamed a "muff diver"
julie likes muff, bloody muff diver
by Shaun Elgar January 08, 2008
Top Definition
To suck pussy, eat out, lick the cat, eat the beaver. When a man or woman ( i prefer men)burries their face in a woman's hairy or bald pussy and licks her clit with random sucking here and there. A good muff diver knows to focus on the clit and suck and lick it until the woman explodes into a throbbing, wiggling ectsasy. Licking the vaginal opening and sucking on the lips occasionally is a big plus. You can take it a step further and lick the asshole to complete the mission.
That muff diver sucked my pussy so good I was climbing the wall.
by kinkyraggae February 15, 2005
the act of making love to a womans love box with ones tongue
james was always muff diving on jo
by the guys February 16, 2004
One who gives oral sex to a vagina. Generally female.
Syn: lesbian, dyke, etc
That chick so butch, I betchu she a damn muffdiver
by wulf February 15, 2003
A man or woman who enjoys performing oral sex on a woman.
Portia De Rossi is an infamous muff diver.
by Tammi November 26, 2003
one who gives oral sex to women.
Man, last night was great. he was an excellent muff diver.
by Brandi February 06, 2003
to dive into a womans muff, ie plunge your tongue into her womanhood.
i dived some muff last night, word.
by frosty the snowman April 27, 2003
The act of:
1) Licking carpet
2) Chowing down on box
3) Licking her other lips
Ref: South Park
"To be a lesbian I gotta chow down on this box"
by Stray Cat January 10, 2004

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