When shit comes out with a fart. Usually characterized by an overly wet sounding fart. See also shart.
I was mudslinging after all that Taco Bell I ate.
by Duct_Tape_Bandit August 26, 2008
Top Definition
The act on the part of two or more candidates or eligible people for a certain position of strength such as a political seat as just one example, to start throwing insults and accusations against the opposing party in order to make themselves look better by comparison.
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in trying to get the Democratic nomination are resorting to low-brow, low blow mudslinging.
by SEY January 24, 2008
The act of passing shit from one mouth to the other, very similar to snowballing.
Damn, those chicks in that 2girls1cup were mudslinging like it was their job.
by L Sizzle January 23, 2008
the act of fingering a girls asshole instead of their vagina, on accident... bro.
i was petting my dog last night, and ended up mud slinging her.
by abc123abc456 February 26, 2011
the act of deficating in your hand and throwing it across the room or corridor in an attempt to pelt some one therefor giving them pink eye
nurse-what could have possibly happend that you could have gotten pink eye

you- i know exactly how! billy-joe was mud slinging at me.
by pootdoodle February 08, 2009
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