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A redneck who frequently
-Blows all of their savings on overpriced four wheel-drive Ford, Dodge, or Ram trucks
-Marry women who are 305+ lbs
-Leave school after the third grade to help "Pap" on the farm
-Get fired from what could have been a steady job
-Drink so much moonshine that they wake up a week later in the oval office
-Value hunting skill over any degree or diploma
-Attends white supremacist meetings
John: "Did you hear that Buck is completely broke after he spent all of his money on his wedding with that 400 pound blob he calls his wife"
Mark: "Yea, I also heard that he took out a loan from the bank so that he can pay off his $75,000 Ford F750 supercharged custom"
John: "Yea. Buck's a real mudslanger"
by jawga-boy November 14, 2013
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