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A really good street fighter. A tough guy with a great chin who is relentless with his attack.Well conditioned and well versed,usually knocking his opponent out in seconds.
That mudshark got jumped and took alot of punishment,but still finished off both of those guys!
by Johnny Stiles March 03, 2008
lengthy turd with pointed ends floating in the toilet bowl.
pinched a loaf and found a mudshark floating in the shiter.
by 6000miles January 06, 2005
A gritty,tough,outspoken white guy that can fight,usually with power and alot of heart. A mudshark is also proud of his heritage and never sell's out, due to guilt or cowardism. Alot of mixed martial art's fighters are true Mudsharks..
"That whiteboy aint no joke..he's a true mudshark"
" There's alot of mudsharks in the UFC"
by mudshark fighter February 29, 2008
A white woman who falls asleep while tanning, and thus is white on one side and brown on the other. Also, a white woman who prefers black men.
1. I look like such a mudshark, why didn't you wake me up?

2. I can't beleive that skinhead called me a mudshark.
by Joey the Nifty June 06, 2004
a shark that likes to play happily in the mud
(at the zoo) daddy can we please go see the mudhsark now?
by timmy March 07, 2005
muhd-shark (n) a feces.
I walked into the bathroom and found the toilet full of mudhsarks swimming around.
by expurg8d July 12, 2003
White man who is particularly attracted to black women.
"Down south, we call fellows like you 'mud sharks.'"
by JRI November 24, 2003