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Similar to a Closet Mudshark, any Non-African American chick that is intrigued/fascinated/infatuated with African-American men, from a sexual perspective. In the end, given the opportunity, she may never go all the way with them, but simply observing and fantasizing about a brutha is more than satisfactory. Mudcurious chicks can usually be spotted hanging around nightclubs frequented by black men, dancing with them, flirting with them, but when a brutha makes the next move, the mudcurious chick backs up all the way.
Joe: Man, what’s up with your chick Karen? Everytime I see her in here, with you, she tends to leave you and go chit-chat and dance with some of the bros over there? She gotta a little mudshark in her or what?

Bill: Nah, I think Karen’s Mudcurious without admitting so. She’s gotta hidden sexual fantasy with the bruthas, but will never do anything to make that fantasy a reality, thank god! It could be worse, she could be a total mudshark, in which I would have to dump her ass!
by Tentacles2 April 04, 2011
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