A Pokemon From the Ruby and Sapphire series.
There is currently a fascination going around about Mudkips.
"SO! I heard u liek Mudkips?"
And Like is spelt wrong
by idrum4all2see March 29, 2008
The blue pokemon that many people use to annoy others, especially on mudkipz.ws

The third, water type starter in third generation Pokemon.

A mud covered animal skin

A cross between a catfish and a feline (just imagine that) and painted blue and orange
Annoying Kid: So I herd u liek mudkipz.
Computer Nerd: Jack off, kid.
Annoying Kid: (types "mudkipz.ws" in the address bar) Now do u liek mudkipz?
Computer Nerd: (Pulls out shotgun and blows off the kid's head)

BIRCH: Would you like a mudkip?
(Insert Name): Hell yeah!

Colonist: What's that? Something you clean your shit with?
Native: Nah, it's a muddy kip. We just call it mudkip.

Boy #1: What's that?
Boy #2: It's a mudkip. I saw it coming out of that cat over there a few hours ago. Then a guy came and painted it blue.
by Pillar of Autumn May 17, 2011
Take a shit while sleeping.
Shane mudkipped after a night of heavy drinking.
by crumblyCake December 27, 2010
A Mudkip is a primitive, Ape-like creature, that makes crude and pointless toys out of Dino-bones, and it's own waste.
am mudkip
by the daily hoogleflogger October 12, 2010
Constantly heard in the Boards of Canada song "Happy Cycling"
by Shad0wLink May 14, 2008
Only the cutest pokemon or creature in the entire exsistance in the world. Take a look a picture of one, with it's tiny wee paws and big round squishy happy face. Seriously just imagine one in a box. You won't be dissapointed.
Furfags stop raping our mudkips!
by NUMBERZ August 15, 2008
Verb- To defecate in between a well endowed woman's breasts, dip one's balls in to said defecation, and to then "Teabag" the woman.
"I Mudkipped her twice last night. I'm not sure my balls will stop stinking for along time."
by Magnus Von Mudkips June 12, 2008

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