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a fat person, esp around the guts
Cheezy poofs will give you mudguts
by Pharaoh of the Far Out May 05, 2004
(Noun)A particular Western Australian Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band
Kelmscott, Western Australia's super rockers 'Mudguts' playing at a venue near you!
by Peter William Burke June 04, 2006
A useless army whore who sits on her ass all day, causing her ass to form around the chair she sits in.
The result leading to a massive ass, also refered to as "mudguts"
Get off your mudguts you useless whore.
by PTE Bloggs February 03, 2011
The state of ones gut after a night (or morning) of prolonged beer consumption. The term is closely related to the typical consistency of "beer shit."
Sorry, I can't go bowling today because I have mud gut. *defecates*
by Wuhhhhhh May 01, 2009
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