the act of wiping ones arse in the direction of the moot, hence covering the flaps in poo.

similar to mud bagging (masculine)
friend: hey jenny, whats that smell?

mud flapper: sorry, i just did some heavy mud flapping

friend: mmm, delightful...
by Dick Champ April 29, 2011
Top Definition
Motorboating (or flapjacking) a girls ass after she poops!
I had to hose down after mudflapping that fat girls ass last night!
by jjstl April 27, 2010
the act of motor boating your girlfriends behind.
man i totally want to be mudflapping our waitress right now
by mm14 June 01, 2011
Female version of tea bagging. The act of a woman placing the lips of her vagina in her partners mouth.
She really loved mudflapping as foreplay.
by dolander October 31, 2013
The unpleasant occurrence when one's excrement leaves the anus at such a trajectory and with such a velocity such that it gets friendly with rear part of the scrotum and or testicles
Aw man, I hate it when my dung is mudflapping all over my baby makers!
by FapToDaMudFlap July 06, 2012
There are two definitions to this term.

1. As your partner is pooing, start motorboating their butt cheeks.

2. You have your partner laying on thier back. You poo on thier stomach. Then you take one flab of skin and put it over top of the poo. Then you take another flab and fold it over the first flab of skin. Then you have sex with the poo.
1. . . . So I turned her over and as soon as she crowned I began mudflapping her.

2. She was a big woman so I started mudflapping her.
by Bobbaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy June 23, 2011
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