A flaccid penis after finishing anal sex. "muddy" because it's got shit all over it.
1- "Damn dude looks like you got a muddy lizard"
2- "Yeah I went anal on my girlfriend last night and I haven't showered yet"
by LadiesAndGentlemen July 05, 2012
After anal sex the man pulls out his dick and has a line of excrement on top to seem like the top of a lizard, or muddy lizard
My girl gave me a hand job even after I pulled out and had a muddy lizard
by Notorious1 July 05, 2012
Wanna eat my muddy lizard?
by e1403104 July 05, 2012
A big sweaty cock that has fallen flaccid out of a girl's freshly shit asshole.
This girl who wears primary pastel primary color t-shirts told me she'd kill me if I broke up with her. I got a muddy lizard.
by Blackwater Brian July 04, 2012
The Muddy Lizard ritual beings with one male wiping a female's anus clean after she has defecated using his tongue.

The male then sticks out his now feces covered tongue and rattles it in a similar fashion to how a snake or lizard so that he may sample the air.

Finally, upon deciding that the air is ok to proceed, he then brings the female to orgasm using the tongue once more and thus concludes the ritual.
Male: "Tonight is the night. We must perform the Muddy Lizard"
Female: "For the sake of our children and their children, let us begin"

Bro1: "I have completed the Muddy Lizard with her!"
Bro2: "Our people will be safe for generations to come because of your actions here tonight"
by PiddyPooThang July 04, 2012

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