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1. another word for diarrhea
2. used to describe a condition in which after anal sex, a mixture of semen and feces drip out of the anus.
1. Because I ate at taco bell, I had a muddy waterfall last night.
2. The bed sheets got wet from the muddy waterfall.
by Miguel Angel November 08, 2005
10 3
Sloppy shit! The kind that runs down your trouser leg if you lose control. Usually after dodgy seafood, or meat with a slight 'oh that tasted weird'!
That lobster bisque must have been off. I've got the muddy waterfalls...
by Klaus October 19, 2004
5 2
When one urinates through the legs of another person who is defecating.
Pisser: "Bro, I really gotta piss!"

Pooper: "Dude... I'm taking a shit"

Pisser: "Whatever bro, lets muddy waterfall!"
by fuzzedhead April 30, 2011
1 0