Shitting into your partners aas, then they shit the load into your ass. Rinse and Repeat as many times as needed.
We had the hottest sex last night, a bit of a blow job followed by some intense mudballing.
by Elitemurder June 25, 2010
Top Definition
On a coin-op pool table, the oversized cue ball used to return the cue ball in the event of a scratch
I have trouble keeping control of the mudball on this pool table.
by EasyT109 August 14, 2007
when you shit in a girls mouth and she spits it back in yours. a snowball with shit
tom shit is mistys mouth, she then spit it back into toms mouth, he said fuck and punched her.
by JR January 16, 2005
When you fuck a woman or man anally, and remove your penis only to realize it is speckled with poop, and have your partner finish you off orally also removing said feces, only to spit the concoction slowly into your gaping eager mouth.
"Mudball, it sounded good at the time.." - Kori
"Dude, we should look up mudball on Urban Dictionary."
"Andrew, like, made me do that mudball thing, and like, it was totally gross... but it was kind of sexy, y'know?"
by Dragonhowler August 31, 2007
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