When a man ejaculates inside a black woman's vagina
Robin Williams totally gave Queen Latifa a mudpie last night
by JolleyMan August 18, 2010
A derogatory term used to explain someone who is extremely large in size, and also very unattractive. Or just a bad name.
Kristin is such a mudpie, she looks so bad today.

Stop acting like such a mudpie Mike.
by Krusty krab kristy March 31, 2011
eating your wife's dooky hole after she has taken a dump
becky likes it when i eat her mudpie hole after she takes a hot stinky crap and the smell of poop is still fresh. I get such a boner from tasting her chocolate lava cake.
by browneyes123456 April 22, 2010
When You get brown sweat stain's under your armpit's
Jeremy Gorniak is makin Mudpie's.. You Guys Want some?
by Team. K E Z Z July 22, 2004
When a male anally penetrates a female then pulls out of her shvinkter and puts his poo-covered penis into her vagina and penetrates that way, thus combining the "mud" (poo) and "pie" (pussy) and eating it.
"This mud pie is so sweet and tangy!"
by Gandhi44 November 29, 2004
This is when you are doing a girl from behind and you crap in your hand a reach around and smash the "mud pack" all in the girls face. This is an extreme Dirty Sanchez.
I was having my way with a gal the other night and gave her the ole mud pie.
by dirty February 12, 2004
When you crap in your pants, then remove them. You proceed to tell your loved one to close their eyes. Then you proceed to slap her in the face with the excrement ladened under garments.
I gave your mom a mud pie.
by Bob February 20, 2005
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