When having anal sex, pulling the penis out and having your partner use their mouth to polish your shaft
Ya, I gave him the mudcat.
by kerb? November 15, 2009
Top Definition
(noun): when, in the act of anal sex, a man pulls his penis out of the womans anus and immediately inserts it into her vagina. thus; rendering the woman with a mud cat.
- "You can never really trust a girl until she'll let you give her a mud cat."

- Bill: "Why is Jimmy so upset?", Amy: "We can't have sex for a while because I developed a yeast infection after he gave me a mud cat."
by MISTEReE March 16, 2008
One fat black, ugly mumma of questionable background. Caution should be taken if approaching a suspected Mudcat as consequences can vary and result in greivous bodily harm. When you fuck a mudcat, be sure to tie her hands behind her head prior to intercourse to ensure she doesn't steal your wallet.
"Hey baz I fucked this Mudcat last night that had a head like a kicked in shit tin."


"I think I lost my wallet again last night Tom"

"Don't tell me you fucked another Mudcat Roger"
by Azza-God October 05, 2006
Eating a girl out with a big fatty pinch of chewing tobacco in his/her lip. (preferably Cope Strait)
"I was with my woman the other night and threw in a fatty and gave her the wettest Mud-Cat; I didn't know whether to spit or swallow."
by Anthony Cilibrasi March 10, 2012
A white girl or woman who strictly dates blacks.
wow randall look at that girl over there she is hot. we dont have a chance though she is a mudcat and doesnt like white boys
by john e anderson April 28, 2007

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