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A white male that is so low down that he feels the need to go for mud sharks (white girls who only fuck black men).
Bub: Hey bro you hear about Mark?
Guy: No Boss? what happened?
Bub: He's in bad shape, he's been trying to have sex with all those mud sharks at his apartment complex.
Guy: You've got to be kidding me that pail motherfucker?
Bub: Oh yeah and he's banged out one of em already.
Guy: Holy Shit! A true Mud shark hunter.
by Lee Lee Robinson February 07, 2007
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People who go out and make fun of mud sharks whenever they see them.
I am a true mud shark hunter. I spotted that white bitch with that nigger as soon as they walked in the door.
by The Shark Hunter May 31, 2009

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