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someone on meth who steals insignificant items such as safety pins, erasers, dials, key chains, electrical tape, bic lighters, and paper.
Becky's on meth and mucking again, i caught her taking my paper clips and hanging keychains from the ceiling.
by Jenn D May 04, 2004
a term used by the irish for friend
alright mucker?
by mck April 23, 2003
West Belfast term for friend or companion; can also be a term of endearment.
'Well mucker what about ye?'
by Smickers March 30, 2004
Slang term for a vagina...
That bitch gave bad head, so I gave her a boot to the mucker...
by Honorarius February 18, 2006
This term is not only used in West Belfast but in most nationalist areas in the Six Counties/Northern Ireland.

Probably comes from the Irish phrase 'mo chara' ('my friend').
What about ye, mucker?
by foclóirí cathrach July 10, 2008
a refined version for the colloquial term "mucca", denoting friendship and kinship
hows it ganin me muckersome chersome mucca
by bucksome March 05, 2003
A low talent hockey player mainly on the ice to wreak havoc with body checks and stick work.
"He's a real mucker and grinder"
by mambo101 January 08, 2007
a large set of breasts belonging to a woman
Captain Stabbin has his face between the muckers again.
by AlbertaRob September 29, 2005