The act of a hippopotamus shiting while waving its tail in a back in forth manner making the shit seem as if its been put into a fan
I'd rather place my face against a hippopotamuses butt while it muckspreads.
by Jahgee1124 May 02, 2012
Top Definition
The mess that occurs when a hippo takes a shit, but rather than allowing the shit to drop from it's anus, it presses it's tail against it's ass crack, waving it back and forth, spreading the shit all over the place.
"I'd rather press my face against a hippopotamuses butt while it muck spreads." - Angry Video Game Nerd
by cheez_man_person March 06, 2010
When an animal is taking a poop as its tail presses against its anus, making the poop shredded up as it drips out.
The Hippo muckspread as it was yawning.
by Bassistfreak July 13, 2011
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