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A description of a guy who is good-looking. When called "mube" by a girl, it means she wants to suck your cock and she wants you to fuck her doggystyle.
"Dude, Kassie called me mube last night."

"She totally wants you to fuck her hard, bro."

"Hey mube, fuck me hard."
by jeremylin July 12, 2013
when you have pubes clogged up in your mouth. like hairballs
'how was she?'
'well she was good but wen i licked her out.. she has a big boosh so i now have mubes.
she was helpin me combin it out'
by muuuuuuuubes December 11, 2008
man cute. The word you use when you want to call a guy cute but don't want to offend his manliness.
"He is so mube." "That guy is mube."
by Person100000 December 27, 2009
ginger pubic hair, or someone who possesses such quality.
"your a cunt"
"yeah well atleast i got mubes"
by 123zed March 10, 2007
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