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Middle Tennessee State University.
I got my degree in meth poduction at MTSU.
by Aunt_Jemima November 09, 2003
- abbreviation for

Make the Shit Up
Utilized by Corporate Americans who wait until the last day to turn in PPE's, PTE's, PMP's and other performance evaluations and team goals; MTSU, or Make the Shit Up, can be a useful tool when completing a variety of forms that you deem a complete waste of your time.
by MA991EG1RL March 04, 2013
1. Middle Tennessee State University. A mediocre at best 4 year university in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

2. Many Teeth Stacked Up. Used to describe a redneck or piece of trash that has crooked, fucked up teeth.
MTSU is the biggest excuse for a college ever!

Look at that redneck bitch, she got MTSU!!!
by Wes Nile November 05, 2007