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Australian retail computer/parts stores chain, notoriously infamous for their bad customer service, illegible web site (designed in Microsoft Word, probably) and constant lack of stock, however offering low prices.
- Hey dude, you could've gotten that from MSY for 100$ less!
- Yeah I couldn't be bothered queuing for 50 minutes and then finding out that they have just sold it!

- Go to Dick Smith first, talk to their friendly sales guys, figure out what you want, and the get it cheap at MSY.
- Yes, only if they haven't ran out of it!
by Sobol November 14, 2009
Masterbating to the Sounds of Yanni
-You wanna do something tonight?
-No, I'm gonna be busy.
-Doing what?
by FZad April 30, 2006
Masterbating to the Sounds of Yanni; often used to mean "nothing much" or "just screwing around"
Hey, what are you doing tonight?
Nothing much, just MSY.

Hey, you busy?
No, just MSY.
Oh, I see.
by FZad May 15, 2006