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Mission San Jose High School. One of five Fremont, California public high schools which was opened in 1964. The school located in the district of Mission San Jose is known for good academics, sending 90% of graduates to post-secondary schools. 77% of these students were of Asian origin, 18% European American (White), 3% Latino or Hispanic, 1% African American, 1% Filipino, <1% American Indian or Alaska Native, and <1% Pacific Islander. Most notably the school holds the highest position in the California public high school rankings (not including magnet schools) with an API (Academic Performance Index) of 917 in 2004. Newsweek places the school 193rd among other American high schools. Mission San Jose High School belongs to the Mission Valley Athletic League, comprising of the five high schools in Fremont (Irvington, Washington, American, John F. Kennedy) as well as James Logan High School and Newark Memorial High School, the only high schools in Union City and Newark, respectively. The MVAL is a league of the North Coast Section of California school sports. MSJHS has approximately 2,100 students. Notable alumni include Kristi Yamaguchi (Olympic figure skating gold medalist), Dina Ruiz-Eastwood (wife of Clint Eastwood), &Gary Plummer (former NFL linebacker). MSJHS also has the best AP Statistics program in the world.
MSJHS Nerd 2: What do you have?
MSJHS Nerd 1: An 89.4!
MSJHS Nerd 2: That's Asian failing! Oh no!
by Chuck Norris~ March 14, 2006
school full of:

1. faggots
2. 13-18 year girls who listen to jonas brothers all day
3. justin-bieber worshippers
4. wannabe athletic team
5. wannabe fans of wannabe athletic teams
6. teachers on crack (you know who you are...)
7. asians (WOW, REALLY?)
8. wannabe thugs, cholos, latinos (wtf is a wannabe latino and why would you want to be one?)
9. faggots. just the different kind of faggots.
10. the rest of the population (approximately 3.14%) are relatively normal. but they still are faggots.
Naruto Uzumaki: Hey, Sasuke, you ready for the Chem test on Friday?

Sasuke Uchicha: Hellz yeahh Naruto, I'm prepared for that shit with my #2 pencil, trusty eraser, awesome TI-X84 calculator, and of course, my lucky boxers.

Naruto Uzumaki: *Why do I go to msjhs again?*
by KENNEDY_TITANS November 15, 2009
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