Pronounced "Murrr"

1. An expression of annoyance, contempt or boredom.

2. Also a way to explain how someone bitches endlessly about something without repeating them.
Mrr. We're awesome. You suck.
Mrr! Go away!
Mrr. I'm bored.

Mrr! Bitch bitch bitch! Clean your room/Get a job/whatever.
by Jacobson Incarnate May 26, 2005
Top Definition
A low vibration of the vocal cords, not quite a moan. Often made as a sign of annoyance, but also can show pleasure.

See also: murr
1. "What did he just say? Mrr..."
2. He mrred softly as he received the back massage.
by ScyStorm January 09, 2004
A word used to describe something or to describe a feeling good, bad, or impartial that is unexplainable, not able to be put into words.
-How are you feeling today?

-ehh... mrr

-Dude she is soo sexy just soo...mrr

-Dude I am so angry right now, just...mrr
by Purple_Chest October 17, 2010
A low, vibrating expression often made under one's breath of annoyance of frustration.
Mrr! I can never find two socks that match!
by Anonymous October 01, 2003
It is not an actually noise and makes no sence when someone uses it, in any context.
"You going tonight?"
"Wtf is that?"
by Somerandomguywhohatesyou October 07, 2011
A man with thin hair.
" you can see that mans scalp, he must be Mr. R"
by xox.jess20.xox September 02, 2008
This is the man that fucks 'John Holder' up the ass 24/7. This can also be defined as a person who likes to take it up the "chuff".
John m8, do you like Mr R deep inside you?
by Randomkiddo42 March 15, 2016
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