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a multifunctional noise that can be used to express frustration, disdain, or munching
Alan: mrah mrah mrah
im eating it
Susan: of course not
Alan: you hear it?
me: hahahaha
2:15 PM mrah mrah mrah
Susan: mrah mrah mrah
me: that's hilarious muching sound
Susan: that's the best sound effect ever
by twobrain May 06, 2008
The sound a pterodactyl makes. Also a multifunctional sound that can express frustration, anger, sadness, happiness, or excitement. It can basically mean anything, but the meaning is conveyed by your tone.
Honey, mraaaah! (Honey, I love you!)

Ugh, the kids left their dirty socks on the floor. Mrah.
by c$izzle March 06, 2010
1. a declaration of frustration
2. a declaration of disdain
3. a substitute for blah
1. "mrah...i just can't take this shit!"
2. "you're being dumb" "mrah...shut it"
3. "she said, 'mrah mrah mrah,' and i didn't give a damn"
by permafrown November 04, 2004
To be cursed by NE|RA
Mrah to you!
by CliffyB October 22, 2003
noise a goat makes
"mrah" went the goat
by mr happy January 21, 2004
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