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A character mentioned in a Bob Dylan song, no one knows who he is besides Bob Dylan himself. Evidence that no one but Dylan himself knows this can be found in the Counting Crows song "Mr. Jones" where the narrarator wants to be Bob Dylan to understand who this mysterious Mr Jones is.
Do you, Mr Jones
Now you see this one-eyed midget
Shouting the word "NOW"
And you say, "For what reason?"
And he says, "How?"
And you say, "What does this mean?"
And he screams back, "You're a cow
Give me some milk
Or else go home"
Because something is happening here
But you don't know what it is
Do you, Mister Jones
by D A Freestyle November 04, 2007
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A pedophile known for peeping into houses and watching young, underage girls undress as well as elderly men.
omg mr. jones is outside my bathroom window D:
by TEEHEELOLOLOL March 12, 2011
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Junk, Penis, Dick, Peter, Flesh Rocket
Mr. Jones and me tell each other fairy tales
Stare at the beautiful women
"She's looking at you. Ah, no, no, she's looking at me."
-Counting Crows, August And Everything After
by Modesto Max July 31, 2006
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