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The art of being determined enough not to allow any "lower movement" while in the presence of an extremely hot girl.

Also, the ability. to control the most basic urge to gratify oneself with one's own hand. (moyd = master of your domain, a phrase made popular by comedian Jerry Seinfeld.)
I was moyd the entire night man, even when she sat her hot ass down on my lap for two whole hours!"

I saw my friends sister walk out of the shower with nothing on, but i was still moyd the rest of the night.
by F. Krueger May 30, 2004
Master Of Your Domain - The ability to (1) go long periods of time without gratifying oneself or (2) restraining erectal pleasure when it is not socially acceptable
(1)"I am moyd; I can go for months at a time"
(2)"Even when I was freaking 6 chicks at once I maintained my moyd"
by TNT May 25, 2004