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a hot chick or possibly a hoe. originated from EzFang
Man that girl was a moxie !
by EzFang October 31, 2010
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sass, courage, spunk, determination, attitude
That girl's got moxie.
by yesnomaybeso August 02, 2004
Moxie (mok'see)n. Something or someone posessing the attribute of "coolness" or having "balls." The next word most likely to be stolen by Paris Hilton and then totally played out.

"Impromptu bra-rides in a convertable around Las Vegas are so totally moxie!"
by Deanna B. October 05, 2005
The most brutal soda known to man kind, it has a taste resembling sweetened cough medicine. It is not for the weak, thats probably why only New Englanders get it.
After a tough night of messing up slow pokes in the pit, why not crack open a cool refreshing moxie.
by Triv6 May 25, 2009
The single worst soda on the planet. Found only in the northeast. Easily noticed with its bright orange label or can. Tastes like liquid pain.
Jimmy: "Hey Todd, lets go down to Dicks Mini Mart and get us a couple of cold cans of Moxie before we head to Fair Haven."
Todd: "Fuck no, Jimmy."
by wileyokiley September 28, 2007
noun. unmitigated gall.
It took a lot of moxie to enter Isn't He Perfect in the 2011 Belmont Stakes.
by The other"Z' June 13, 2011
Amercias first mass produced soft drink, was known to hold healing powers but today is sold in new england. it is the shit.
this moxie tastes really good!
by eriko May 05, 2005

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